Here we go.  How did we get here?  To me, makeup has been a necessity, not a luxury.  I started developing cystic adult acne after college, right around 22, and it was hormonal, horrific, and all I wanted to do was hide my face.   This was also the year I started working in the beauty department of Neiman Marcus as a beauty salesperson so I was being introduced to makeup on a whole new level.  Thus my obsession and drive to master complexion perfection started.  While I ventured to find a cure for my acne, I needed to cover up the redness and bumps on my face.  I loved learning how to apply makeup and it’s been a remaining passion ever since.  I have outgrown my acne, although I still deal with the aftermath of cystic acne if I use oil based products, but having two kids and getting older has evened out my hormones and my adult acne has diminished.  Fast forward 12 years, I’m 34, have two kids – 5 and 7 months- and my skin gives me a whole new set of issues.  I have fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, broken capillaries, dark under eye circles, and tired skin.  I have found that many women my age also have the same symptoms as me but lack the tips and tricks to getting a little help with makeup. Hence, the makeup blog, Instagram page was born.  I LOVE making people feel good again, whether it’s by teaching them to use a foundation or some trick on how to make their eyes look fresh and awake, even out their skin tone, and give back some glow into a dull, tired face.   Blogging is new to me and my goal is to show easy to repeat makeup looks, tutorials, reviews on products, must haves, and eventually links to videos on my YouTube channel.  I also have my Instagram page where I initially started @danielle_paquin_looks.  I also offer makeup application and lessons whether onsite or in home.  I’m excited to grow this page and other forums into a meaningful and resourceful place to help others learn or tweak their daily looks. Look forward to your comments and engagement on all forums and hope to continue to meet more of you for consultations and lessons!

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