After my twenties and kids, my skin starting changing. I lost my youthful glow from lack of sleep most likely, but also gained some new challenges– dark circles, Rosacea, broken capillaries, adult acne, dry skin in the winter, etc. It makes everyday interactions difficult because I don’t feel very comfortable without makeup to make my skin feel and look “normal.”

Skincare is also very important but this post is about creating the natural, glowy skin again through makeup. I use corrector and foundation to give me the even skin tone I desire and then go in with some cream contour and blush to give my skin the dimension and beautiful colors back. Finally, I add highlight to really pick up the light and reflect glow in the areas where I want it.

Here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to get glowy skin when you need to wear full face foundation.

Start with a clean and moisturized face. If you have dark circles and any dark spots on your face, apply a peach corrector to cancel out the darkness first.

I use La girl peach corrector for this or Armani corrector and blend in with my Aesthetica beauty blender .

Next I apply my foundation to get an even all over even skin tone

Armani luminous silk foundation

I use Armani luminous silk foundation for my base. It is light but buildable coverage and leaves a radiant finish on the skin.

Next, for my highlight contour, I use Trish mcevoy Instant eye lift to brighten the high points and start my contour.

Trish instant eye lift

Once I blend that in, I start my contour with these amazing contour sticks that make it very easy. Smashbox trio are great for anyone who wants contour but not super sure how to do it. I like creams better than powders because they are easier to place and control. They blend really well so you have natural contour that looks flawless. I could go into a whole tutorial about how I pick contour, bronzer and highlight color for skin tone but feel safe if you have medium-ish skin tone, these work for you.

Smashbox contour stick trio

Start with the contour stick and trace on your under cheek bone, sides of nose, outer forehead, under lower lip and jawline.

Take the bronzer stick and trace right above you contour line on your cheek bone and under your forehead lines all the way across the top of your forehead.

Add your cream blush on your apples of your cheeks and above your bronzer placement. I love Chanel les beiges cream blush for this. The color is really pretty pink coral and looks very natural like a warm flush on most skin types

Les Beiges healthy glow cream blush

Use your blender to blend out these lines first until there are no more edges to the lines and then blot blend your blush.

Add a creamy highlighter with your finger tips and press some highlight shimmer on your orbital bone, center nose, cupid’s bow, and top of chin with a creamy highlighter like this Bobbi Brown glow stick

Bobbi Brown glow stick

Finally you can add some setting powder to make sure your makeup stays put. This will not make it look heavy or powdery, as long as you use a translucent setting powder lightly. Feel free to set the whole face or just your T-zone if your on the drier side. Skipping this step may not keep your makeup on as long.

I like this Nyx blotting powder for setting my makeup. It’s a matte blotting powder technically so it’s great to have on hand for touch ups, as well, but I find that as a setting powder. It pairs very beautifully with this process for a dewy effect after it’s on the skin for a short time. It freshens up my makeup very well which makes these looks extremely long wearing and keeping you with a fresh dewy face all day.

Nyx blotting powder

Last but not least. Feel free to go over these steps again with powder bronzer, blush and highlight if you want more impact. Doubling up on cream and powder is just going to set the makeup longer. This is the look with just cream products and setting powder.

All these items can be ordered directly from clicking on the links provided. Just add to your cart while you read. You can also contact me directly and I would be happy to consult with you.

Cheers and happy dewy days!

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