Ready, set, lashes: a DIY tutorial on applying false lashes

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One of the biggest wants I come across with my clients is how to apply false lashes themselves. It’s rare nowadays to see a professional photo or influencer on social media without some type of false lashes.

You could get permenant lashes put on your lids. I’ve seen more and more of these lately. Personally, I find the strips or individual lashes that are disposable more economical, realistic (holy maintenance) and more natural looking.

All lashes are not created equal however, and you need to know what’s the best fit for your eyes and your look.

My favorite lash to use on clients are Ardell Demi Wispiesor Wispies . The Demi wispies are more understated because they start shorter on the inner corner and gradually get longer as you get to the outer corner. These work on most if not all my clients. If someone has more eyelid space and deeper or more rounded eyes, I opt for the wispies which are just as natural and feathery, but they are the same length all the way across so a touch more dramatic. Best way to test is before using any glue press the adhesive side of the lash into your lash line and open your eye. You can get an idea of what they will look like once glued. Then I would also suggest taking a picture and looking at yourself via the camera lens. Things appear less grand through the camera lens than in person. Taking both of these tests into consideration, you can decide what lash style you like for your occasion.

Once your decided and measured up to your eye shape you will also see if you need to trim the edge of your lash to fit your eyeshape. Trim from the outer corner if too long.

You will want to curl and add mascara before applying your falsies.

Then take your glue brush and brush on a consistent amount of glue on the lash making sure the outer corners get glue. Wait for about 30 seconds to let the glue dry a little bit and then apply lashes. I like Duo lash strip adhesive in the brush on formula. It dries super quick so your lashes won’t move and make a mess on you and it’s clear drying, latex free. I’ve found that a lot of clients have a mild latex allergy on their eyes and the regular glue was causing irritation, watering, so I switch to this formula and haven’t had any problems since!

In order to apply, I hold the lashes in the middle and place directly to my middle lash line. I let that stick and then I grab the outer corners and place them. I pinch my lashes to the false lashes to ensure they are as close to the lash line as possible. You can use this Eyelash applicator to help with this if you need a tool instead of your fingers.

Once dried, I go back in with my Laura mercier eyelash curler to curl and bring all the lashes together for one full strip.

Finally, I take my Marc Jacobs black eyeliner to thicken the lash line and finish the look.

The result is very natural, full and feathery lashes. They help to open your eyes and add just the right amount of glam for your occasion.

If I’m going for extra glam, I like Ardell’s faux mink collection click here Ardell faux mink lashes and the rest of the collection in faux mink available at Target, Amazon, and Ulta.

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