Bye Bye Redness: the products I use to correct redness on my face

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One of the struggles of my thirties has been this awful skin condition, rosecea. Never even knew this was a thing until one day, my face was flushed and felt hot and when I looked in the mirror, bright red and patchy. This is what my face looks like on a bad day.

Ever since having kids, this condition has run wild on me. I get flushed when concentrating, eating, drinking, laughing, after the shower, after working out, pretty much anything and everything causes this face to be on fire.

Before having kids, I still wore liquid foundation on my face because it helped with my cystic acne and evening out my skin tone, but I used more of a tinted moisturizer or something very light all over and some spot concealer, and I was out the door. Nowadays, I need a little more coverage in my foundation and one of the ways I get it is by using color correctors in the areas I need it, which is typically my cheeks, nose, and chin. They say use a green corrector for redness, peach corrector for spots and darkness. I tend to use my peach corrector under my eyes to cover my dark circles, and then whatever is left on my sponge, I take on to my nose and cheeks and chin. It’s a very small amount blended in, as I don’t want a lot of layers on my skin. Here are some of my favorite correctors

It cosmetics bye bye redness neutralizing correcting cream $32.00

Giorgio Armani master corrector $40.00

LA girl peach corrector $10 for 3 pack

Nyx dark circle concealer $6

My all time favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. It’s oil free, light to medium buildable coverage, and has the most beautiful radiant finish, diffuses fine lines better than any other foundation I have found, leaving your skin looking silky and glowy.

I place my foundation overtop my corrector to give myself even skin and a palette to then build upon.

I add my highlight contour under the eyes and high points on my face to brighten and bring some dimension with Trish instant eye lift. I like this product because it reflects the light and brightens but does not crease or look heavy which is really important under the eyes. If I want even more brightness under the eyes, I will set my under eyes with Laura Mercier secret brightening powder

Finally, I set everything with Nyx blotting powder in order to make my makeup stay on longer, and I spray my skin with a setting spray like Nyx dewy setting spray or Caudalie grape water spray in order to get that dewy look back over the powder.

My finished look is even skin, but still light and glowy. The end goal is always natural, but when you need coverage, it takes a few more steps to look natural. I know all the skincare fanatics out there want to scream because I’m covering up instead of talking about treating the skin. Trust me, I have dermatologists on speed dial, as well. So while I’m working towards having great skin on its own, these products help me feel beautiful and natural with the current skin I have. Gotta love the one you’re with!

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  1. Danielle is there a serum you like? Right now im using the bare essential longevity one and I do like it and im almost out and wanted to ask if there is one you really like?

    1. What is it doing for you? What is it that you feel is lacking in your skin right now? And what is your skin type? I like hyaluronic acid or retinol type serums because my biggest concern with my skin is fine lines and dryness. Let me know what your concerns are

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