It all starts with skin

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The shape of your skin is different now than in your 20’s.  Back then we didn’t wash our faces, we didn’t use all these creams, toners, serums, masks, and our skin was still vibrant and glowing.  In our 30’s adult life has start to set in, we don’t sleep, we’re chasing kids, drinking too much coffee and not enough water, etc.  It’s a beautiful thing, but can make us feel old and defeated.  I use a few products to bring a healthy glow and even skin tone back into my skin.  I take a few steps to brighten up my tired eyes and I think the result is well worth the 5 extra minutes to get a glowy and fresh look.  It makes me feel good and when I feel good I want to go out and do things! It all starts with a face for me.


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