Makeup trends of 2017 and what’s to come in 2018

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A few of my favorite looks from 2017. Cheers to new looks and playing with color! Some major trends that I saw in makeup over the past 6 months are as follows:

Matte, matte, matte lips. Some favorite brands that really know how to do a matte lip that I’ve found are @kyliecosmetics, @hudabeauty, @smashbox, @stilacosmetics. They all make products that are super long wearing and transfer free once they dry. They aren’t too drying on your lips either. Look for high glitter toppers to go over your matte lip kits because we all know we need another lip product! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. Lip toppers are great for adding dimension and pout because the tiny sparkles creates light and light adds the illusion of coming forward! They also can freshen up your lips after your lips have worn out a bit.

Holy highlighter. A lot of beauty gurus went a little nuts with this trend. I like a little highlighter on the tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow, high chin, and orbital bone around the eye. It can be really pretty but be careful not to put too much especially on the nose if you aren’t trying to highlight because adding light to the nose can make it look bulby and bigger. Look for more strobing techniques going forward, natural highlight that breaks on the nose just adding right on the tip and in between the eye bridge.

Contouring cream tutorials. This was the year for captivating your audience by having stripes all over your face and then blending them in to create a perfectly contoured and chiseled jawline, cheeks, and nose. Every time I used contour sticks on a client, it was the first thing they went out to purchase. Contouring has been around for many many years but the recent creams and stick kits out there have brought a lot of attention to it. You can create contour by powders, as well. Going forward you may see similar type tutorials but with color correcting kits like peach to cancel darkness, green to take out redness, purple and yellow to bring back vibrancy and brightness to dull skin.

Ombré lips. Lots of gurus were using darker liners and lighter colors in the their lips. I think it can be pretty if you stay a shade or two within the same family. Otherwise it can look pretty dated.

Super manicured and dark brows. This one is going to change dramatically as the trend is going more toward airy and bushy and less manicured. Picture long and natural and bushy.

Grey toned hair. Although not makeup, this trend was very popular in the makeup community. It lended for more monochromatic makeup looks and lots of pinks, greys, purple, mauve and cool tones in eyes and lips.

Full coverage faces vs. natural and freckled. This one is very exciting to me because I love the natural and freckles look and do not like when faces are completely muted of their character by full coverage makeup. Drawing on freckles may be a trend you see coming back again (channel Cindy Crawford in the nineties but cheeks and nose 😂)

Eyes. The cut crease is beautiful and we see a lot of it but looking forward to seeing more halo eyeshadow looks. Also look for ombré eye liner and the liquid glitter and shimmers are here to stay. Also glossy looking lids will be a thing for the spring and summer.

Makeup is meant to be fun and ever changing just like fashion and hair trends. Have fun with it and cheers to a fun and exciting year of natural, gloss, and glow.

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