Eyebrow trends change year to year like fashion trends do.  We’ve seen thin and drawn on, we’ve seen straight across and also big and bushy.  Right now, brows are thick and natural.  You want manicured, but also the look that you woke up that way some even go the extent of brushing them up and setting the hairs with soap or glue.  I personally love a combo of both.  I like mine to start light toward my bridge and gradually get thicker and darker in the meat of them! Here is my step by step and video that I recently posted.

I start with a spoolie to brush my hair up and out and take my pencil to draw parallel lines top and bottom leaving the ends alone. I draw tiny hair like vertical strokes toward my bridge and then fill in with powder the rest. I set the direction of hair with wax and spoolie again to blend everything. Finally, I outline my brows in a highlighter so they look clean and lifted. You can also use your concealer. Some brow mistakes to avoid: coloring them in all with a pencil and harsh ends. Using too dark of a pencil or powder (you want a slight lighter than your hair color) if using a darker color, start with a lighter color of powder for your brows toward your nose and graduate to your darker color outward. Makes a HUGE difference not to have blunt ends towards your nose! Have fun! Brows frame your face and finish your total look! Check out the highlight video Click here and to view the entire video Click here55F8FC03-4291-4059-8764-302C389B1474

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