When I speak to other women my age (mid thirties) I hear a lot of the same thing: I don’t know how to apply makeup so I would rather wear nothing than look like a clown. I totally get that because there is nothing worse than seeing makeup that is taking away from someone’s natural beauty instead of enhancing it.

My skin issues forced me to learn how to apply makeup early because in my twenties I started to develop adult cystic acne and struggled with my complexion. I learned to cover spots and even out skin tone. I don’t like a heavy full coverage look, just an even natural look. When I talk to others, everyone wants the same thing. ‘Natural, not tired, the way I use to look in my twenties without having to try!’

Facing the facts that our twenty year old makeup routine isn’t going to cut it anymore is sometimes a painful awakening because then we have to admit that as women, we don’t know how to begin using these beauty enhancing products! And the whole idea behind enhancing beauty is infuriating because we work hard, we are moms, we don’t have time and shouldn’t have to change the way we actually look to be beautiful.

I totally agree! For me, I wear makeup to cover my tired dark circles, to feel and look refreshed, even out my skin tone, and cover my redness from rosacea. I do it to make myself feel better! I know that 10 minutes a day is going to give me confidence and make my skin look younger and vibrant again.

When I first started this makeup business, my goal was to help others gain confidence through the application of makeup. I wanted to give the tools to help women look and feel better about themselves because most likely you are at the same place in your life like me where wrinkles and dark circles are a self confidence destroyer and your skin just isn’t glowing or looking young anymore.

I started doing makeup lessons to share my step by step process with others and teach how to accomplish a natural and even skin tone with bright and well rested eyes, enhancing what you already have.

My friends at Neiman Marcus picked up the idea and hosted three sessions for me to host some of my friends and insta family to come and learn through Makeup Masterclasses. We demonstrated on one volunteer from the group and streamed the up close detail on a big screen so everyone to watch the steps, tools, and techniques.

Check out some of the video clips from our masterclass partnership here:

These were so fun and we had a great turnout so I’m looking forward to future partnerships, and how we can grow upon our idea. Here are some pictures and videos from the sessions. I would love to hear what kind of makeup class you would like to attend next! What part of the process do you want to learn from a makeup artist that would help you day to day? Leave a comment to let me know so we can tailor future masterclasses!

This is one of the looks we did and the key products used to create the look shown. All products are available at Neiman Marcus.

The eye makeup really made her eyes 👀 pop! @tomford eye quad in #cocoamirage Plus, I love the @giorgioarmani #eyetint in gold ashes for the lid shimmer. So easy to use and shimmer stays just on lid instead of falling out everywhere! This lip is the perfect #nudepink by @ysl in #rougepurcouture color 10 over @lancomeofficial lipliner in charme.

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