What I’m loving on my lips for Spring

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If you could see my lip collection, you might “think this lady has a problem. How much lipstick can one woman own??” It’s like that constant challenge of trying to find the ONE BEST shade of red, or nude. I have them all, and yet I’m still looking. I am a woman, after all. This is how we work.

Here are a few of the brands and formulas that I’ve loved and been loyal to lately. Some are newer for me and others have been around for many, many years.

Estée Lauder long wear lip liners are some of my favorite lip liners. They are creamy, full color and extremely long wearing. You can wear them as a lip color alone if you shade in your whole lip with them. Lip liners help your lipsticks from bleeding or feathering through lines and cracks in your lips or just keeping your lip color on longer, so these are a great product and formula to have. I’m currently loving Mocha which I use to contour my lips and fill in mostly the outer corners and ridges, and then I use a nude lipstick to fill in the pout. This makes your lips look more ombré and give you the look of fuller lips. Mocha is a brownish nude color so great to enhance your flesh nude lip sticks.

I also love Nude, it’s great by itself or under another color to create impact, but in a more muted way.

Mauve is perfect for berry colors, Tawny is great for pulling out pinkish red undertones and Pink is the perfect shade for giving your lips a pop of vibrant summery pink.

Lipsticks come in a lot of different formulas– matte, creamy, shimmery and light or full and opaque colors. If you’re someone who loves the feel of chapstick and balms on your lips, you will love Hourglass Girl Lip stylo lipsticks. They are a combination of lipstick and balm formulas so they are really creamy on your lips and keep your lips feeling smooth and creamy all day with medium color coverage. I am amazed by how these stay on and keep your lips emollient. My favorite colors right now are activist, dreamer, idealist, and influencer. Great nudes and pinks.

Finally, I love the consistency of Chantecaille brilliant lip glosses. They are non sticky, high luster shine glosses that are the perfect topper on the hourglass lipsticks or over the lip liners to give a great crystallized shine on your lips. My favorites are lucky, charm, pretty, and mirth

Finding your go-to lip liners, lipsticks, and glosses can be overwhelming with all the options out there. Some of these brands and formulas have been around for years and years, and I always find myself going back to them, so I am fairly confident that they are always going to be in my top five.

With spring here, it is the perfect time to grab a new pink or coral and start embracing the warmer weather and brighter days ahead!


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