I tried a new mask over the weekend, and it was a great addition to my daily regimen. I would recommend doing a mask once a week, in addition to using your daily toner, serum, face cream and eye cream.

Masks act as a super intense delivery method for targeted solutions. This was a hydration mask that I ordered from Nordstrom from Too School for School. It was $6 for one disposable mask. It contained egg white extract and coconut water which are fantastic for your skin and hydration.

I used it right after the shower, after my toner, when keep my skin would be super absorbent to the ingredients. I left it on for 20 minutes which is not the easiest for me. So what better way to pass the time than take some snap chats with my littlest one! 😂 She wasn’t even scared of me with the white sheet on my face!

The result was very noticeable for the day. My foundation went on much smoother and my face looked and felt supple the entire day. Masks are not a permanent solution, therefore once a week is a good way to get a nice boost.

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