Golden Globes 2018 Beauty Trends: who wore it best

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Be it the theme of the night, but makeup was very understated and natural at the golden globes. The biggest pop of color came out of the lips the stars were adorning, and they spoke red. I wonder if it was on purpose that the mouthpiece of these women was highlighted most when the theme of the night was to speak your truth as women, or was it because when wearing all black, a red lip is a perfect go to? Whichever the intent, these were some of my favorite looks of the night.

Because the makeup was subdued, skin was the most noticeable accessory alongside the red lips. Glowing, beautiful, flawless skin. Every one of these ladies has gorgeous glow in their skin. I appreciate that they weren’t over highlighted and glistening with liquid gold on their cheeks and noses. All the looks were super authentic, taking the focus to the true meaning of the night, “Time’s up.”

With all that being said, I get excited about mind blowing MAKEUP, so a few makeup highlights: Debra Messing and her emerald green Smokey cat eye. I love that she accentuates that gorgeous red hair and green is the best color to do so. So while others wore stunning emerald earrings, which I died for, Debra took the emerald to her eyes!

Margot Robbie can do no wrong in my eyes. Her beauty is so intrinsic, all she needed was an exaggerated side part and a full berry lip.

Zoe Kravitz is so exotic and feminine, she pulls off the pixie cut and makes everyone else want a pixie cut too! She and Emma Watson wore my favorite kind of red, the orange red. It’s more modern and edgy than the classic red lip. I love warm colors and matching tones in your eyeshadows to your lips for harmony.

Finally, the days of the overly groomed brows are over. The days of tadpole brows and black brows are fineto! I love the big bushy and natural brow. If there is one trend to take going into Spring and summer, it’s let your brows grow and put away your black pencils and gels and pomades and whatever else you use to draw them on. Clear wax and powders just a shade lighter than your hair is a great way to fill in spots and keep the natural effect.

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