Cream products always used to scare me when trying to apply bronzer, blush and highlighter. I always assumed the result would be a sloppy, oily mess. I’ve been using them a lot more lately because my skin is just too dry in the winter months. When you use creams, the texture is more emollient which keeps your skin looking plump and dewy. There is no drying effect like that of using multiple powders. Think about it, you set with a powder, powder blush, powder bronzer, powder highlight. By the time you are finished, your skin cannot absorb all the powders so you end up drying everything out and emphasizing the lines and wrinkles in your cheeks. If you have oily skin, I would not recommend using creams because it will make your skin more shiny. I set my creams with a light translucent setting powder just to keep it in place and so it won’t crease. I may also go back over with a light dust is bronzer and blush but the amount is very minimal. Creams are the base of this look and I love how it all melts together here.

Products used @esteelauder double wear light foundation @lagirlcosmetics corrector @trishmcevoy instant eye lift @smashboxcosmetics contour sticks @chanelofficial les beiges cream blush @bobbibrown cream glow highlighter

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