Beauty Trends 2019 as seen from the Golden Globes

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Award season is the best time to see what to expect for the year in fashion beauty trends and what the celebrity makeup artists are wanting to show off as their best work!

The Golden Globes 2019 was a great indication of some beauty trends we are going to see carry through into spring/summer.

Here is my take: glowy skin is now all over glow not just highlight on the high parts of the skin. Feel free to mix a liquid highlighter right into your foundation and apply ✨✨I love Giorgio armani fluid sheer for this or cover Fx liquid glitter drops. If you have naturally oily skin maybe the answer is not to set your foundation with a matte powder, but instead let it be or use it only in your t -zone.

Neon pops: There’s a lot of inner corner play with neon pops of color on the eye. Try a hot pink or yellow just in the inner corner for high fashion eye makeup. Use a bright blue eyeliner pencil to give yourself the cat eye or line your inner rim with it for a more subtle way to get the look. Nyx cosmetics sells the colored eyeliners and they are an easy grab at the drugstore.

Rosy cheeks: think natural flush but intensified on the cheek bones. Some high fashionistas are bringing it around the orbital bone too but I like the natural pop on the apple of the cheeks and blending out up toward the temple. NARS, tarte and Bobbi brown are great go-tos for pop of color on the cheek. I always use a matte blush to get my cheek flush, add the shimmer through another product like highlighter so it’s not so obvious that your youthful flush is a cosmetic add on.

Red lip: lots of red lips and minimal eye makeup which of course is always classic. I like the idea of “I’m running super late and have somewhere to go so this is my look”. It totally works. If you can get an even tone skin, light liner and mascara with a red lip, you have a total look. Reds are tricky though, make sure you take the time to find yours and then you always have the ace in your pocket. Colourpop, Guerlain, Tom Ford, and Saint Laurent make really great lipstick formulas.

Smudged eyes, fluffy lashes: as opposed to sharp liner and really obvious thick strips of lashes. Love this effortless look. It’s soft and romantic and compliments most eye shapes. Lots of blending is involved to create the look so keep in mind it’s a process. Ardell wispies are great for a fluffy lash and Marc Jacobs eye liner is a fantastic formula because it goes on like a gel liner and you have about 30 seconds to smudge it or it sets and doesn’t move. So either way you choose, it offers the versatility.

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