What’s the right blush for your flush?

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Blush is one of the trends I called out for Spring in my recent post about Spring 19 trends. It’s one of my favorite accessories and can really add the right finishing touch to your face.

The idea behind blush is to give you the youthful healthy flush you had when you were a kid, running on the playground or on a brisk walk. It’s very warm and natural. When you get older, you tend to lose your youthful glow or it dissipates because now you need to wear base in order to even out your skin tone so your face is all one color. So we want to add that back in with the right color for your skin tone so it appears just as natural and warm.

I have a few favorites when it comes to blush and a few rules of thumb when choosing the right blush for your flush.

Are you warm or cool toned? Warm tones look best with a coral toned blush like this Bobbi Brown blush in color Clementine. I love this color and the pigment is really intense, so you can get a lot of mileage out of it. I usually tap off all the excess from my brush before applying.

Cool tones look best with blue toned pinks like this Bobbi Brown blush in nude pink. I love this color so much to add the right amount of warmth back into your face. It’s very pink in the compact, so I feel like some might stray away from it for that reason, but don’t let that deter you because on the skin, it’s the perfect shade of blush.

Maybe you don’t know if your warm or cool toned? There’s a lot of ways to test, if you are unsure, check out the veins under your wrist. Are they purple or blue? If so, you are cool toned. If they are greenish, you are warm toned. Some people can pull off both however, it’s really all about what makes you feel beautiful.

The brush I like to use for blush is this Chanel angled brush . It’s the perfect angle for applying blush right on the apple of your cheeks and blending it up and out toward your the top of your cheek bone.

Some other favorites from my photo is this NARS blush palette. It gives you lots of options to get warm and cool tones, day and night intensities and NARS is known for their blushes, as well as Bobbi Brown.

I also love this Chanel cream blush. It’s perfect for dry skin or if you want a really dewy look to the skin.

For a cool tone who wants more of a evening blush, I love this Laura mercier blush in kir royale. It is great for winter looks to compliment all the berry and vamp colors we see.

I hope you find this helpful and as always, I’m happy to help you find the best blush for your flush!


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